First Letter to Houston

Open Letter

Dear Premier Tim Houston,

Congratulations!  This was my first time voting conservative, I chose to vote conservative  because I felt the previous premier of Nova Scotia was not leading the province in a direction that would unite us all as Nova Scotians.

I am very concerned with what I see as a failure of Public Health to address COVID-19 in a meaningful or holistic way.I don’t agree that the Scotia Pass is a good direction for the province. It will only create more division and separation, that is not a good way to maintain a community, health, and the economy.

There are many facts that are being ignored, because of censorship. We are seeing high levels of censorship on the internet. Because we are often asked to stay at home, with lockdown measures, the internet becomes our only way to get information or speak to each other.  Public Health continues to declare that this censorship is needed because we need to stop misinformation.

By labeling some information as misinformation, it allows powerful groups of people to decide what is thought to be true and vice versa. Last year when the pandemic started, Facebook would not allow anyone to talk about the possibility that this virus was leaked from a virus lab in Wuhan. Now it is a topic that is allowed. This is clear indication that having censorship on the topic of COVID-19 is very dangerous.

Public Health should make it is their mission to offer honest and unbiased information to the public. There is a lack of information regarding the fact that the people who experience the worst outcomes and die from this virus, are people that already have underlying conditions or are elderly. Many elderly people who have died have been older than the average life expectancy in Canada. In Canada and all over the world Doctors have been trying to get the attention of Public Health and the government about how they have discovered ways to treat this virus when it strikes at these vulnerable people.

I’m sure you are well aware of Dr. Chris Milburn, who was fired from his job, after he bravely raised many similar concerns that I have mentioned in this letter. When Doctors are fired for not having the correct opinion, that does not convince all of the people that our lives are in danger.  Common sense has not gone completely extinct.


Renee Martel

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3 thoughts on “First Letter to Houston

  1. Lovely letter Renee however, there’s a muzzle on any contrary narrative. I guess they can’t make enough money on Ivermectin so they will continue to push the “jab” then another “booster jab” which of course, won’t be particularly effective anyway.

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