Our Relationship is Suffering

Open Letter

November 24th 2021

Dear Premier Tim Houston and Dr. Strang,

Does Public Health consider abusive relationships to be a matter of importance? In my opinion they do not. Please see the attached image titled You May Be In An Abusive Relationship If They…

In several ways it is obvious that the people of Nova Scotia are in an abusive relationship with Public Health and the government. Of course bringing it to the attention of the perpetrator is unlikely to make a difference. The perpetrator from my experience will not even reply to a letter. So therefor this letter will just be on the record, and as an open letter I hope that people will be able to look at the actions of the government and public health with more clarity. Hopefully as all of us realize that we are in a bad relationship with our government we can see the relationship be mended. We may need to all go to therapy together for this to be corrected.

Not everybody wants to go to therapy, so by just taking a look at this helpful image, the government and public health may find a simpler and less expensive way to stop the abuse.


Renee Martel

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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